I am What I Feel

I encountered a fully programmed being today, was it human? who knows, what is human? Anyway it was the most remarkable thing as today was one of those rare occasions when I open the doors of the sacred temple to outsiders. By sacred temple I`m referring to the music studio, the BlacknAsia Sound studio. I had been in there for hours, as usual, it was literally pitch black except for the red crystal orb light that I had strategically positioned over my head omitting the most intense and pleasurable pulse that caused the inner most parts of me to throb and vibrate as if I was about to depart from my very own flesh. I sat there, with my latest composition playing softly in the background on the monitor speakers. I was utterly hypnotized as a sipped on my blue lotus tea which all but enhanced the whole experience and heightened the feelings I was so desperately needing to express through the microphone.

Just as I couldnt contain myself any further and was about to unleash on the microphone, the studio door opened and Koka2 entered with 3 strangers following behind her. She whispered, “Can they watch and listen”? I nodded and the 3 figures entered my dark cavern ever so cautiously. Koka2 showed them to the sofa, they sat down, she left and closed the door behind her.

Now this was a sight to behold for I was in a “higher” place. As I had been in the dark for hours, I was accustomed to it and could see these 3 visitors clearly but for them, all they must have seen was a dark figure shirtless, standing in the dark with red yellowy eyes glaring at them from within the darkness. For those that know me, I can not hide who I am, so I without a word, I turned to the microphone, put my composition on loop, felt with my soul and saw what I felt in my mind, then I unleashed the words that were rolling off my tongue and coming out of my mouth.

“Ay, I said I`m gonna blow, in your face,

I said I`m gonna blow, in your face

AZ is gonna blow, in your face

then you really gotta go back to your place

Ooh I`m cumming, I wanna blow in your face

Azkira Sky