Right Now

Its now clear and apparent to me that my mind is the enemy, the mind is the enemy and the vehicle by which we become separated from that instinctive, intuitive power we have labeled God but I know it by another name, feeling. The feeling is instant, it needs no thought nor analysis for it simply is and knows what it knows because it feels it to be so. But here we are, in the world of thought, thought that leads you to every road other than that which you truly wish to follow. Thought is the deceiver you`ve read about that resides in your very home, the devil in disguise as the intellect of man but nothing more than that which keeps you in a lowly state.

Think about it or feel about it, are the things your doing now a result of what you feel or what you think? Did you think about doing that or did you feel like doing that? Did you think to buy it or did you feel to buy it? Why do you wake up in the morning? For what purpose? Where do you go and what do you do? Is it the thing you feel within or is it something you`ve been conned into thinking you need do?

Azkira Sky